New Discovery: Our Universe “Rotates”

by Marcelo Samuel Berman, Professional Journalist
Esteemed Member of the American Press Association

A senior cosmologist, Marcelo Samuel Berman, has found a theoretical proof that the Universe has a kind of intrinsic state of rotation, in addition to the well known expansion. With such discovery, he was able to explain why two NASA space probes, the Pioneers 10 and 11, were subjected to an unexplained retardation, called by NASA scientists the “Pioneers anomaly”.

In the eighties, an astronomer, Paul Birch, announce that his collected observational data suggested that the Universe “rotated”. He published his results in the unsuspected magazine “Nature”, but his data was meager, and the interest died away. Now, Berman, by showing that a” Machian” rotation would explain the Pioneer anomaly, revived the public interest on rotation. He published three papers in the well-known Journal “Astrophysics and Space Science”, published by multinational “ Springer” group.


In the past twelve months, the Latin-American cosmologist Marcelo Samuel Berman, has published, along with several papers, three Nova Science books, intended for use in senior undergraduate or beginning graduate courses in Theoretical Physics, dealing with the General Theory of Relativity, and related subjects, mainly Cosmology. It is rare to see scientists outside the developed countries, undertaking such an endeavour, and even in the USA or the UK, such task would require a very demanding effort, from one single researcher. The contents of these very didactic volumes, could have been proudly produced by giants in the field.

The first title, ”Introduction to General Relativity and the Cosmological Constant Problem”, is an introductory textbook, but manages to introduce the reader to the fruitful area of the vacuum energy—the sort of thing that sounds rather strange, but which counts with the approval of most scientists in the field. This vacuum energy responds for the presently found acceleration of the Universe: the Universe expands, but this expansion is each moment more rapid.

‘Introduction to General Relativistic and Scalar-Tensor Cosmologies”---the second textbook, deals with modern applications of cosmology theory, from the details over the expansion of the Universe, towards formation of density perturbations,in the very early epochs, which would be the proto-galaxies and proto-clusters of galaxies. Predictions of amplification of Gravitational Waves, a subject that is now under great scrutiny---astrophysicists intend to detect them very soon, and the possibility of time-variation of the sacrosaint physical “constants”, like the speed of light in vacuo, and the gravitational constant that measures the attraction of the planets towards the Sun, are fascinating subjects dealt by Berman, in an elementary way.

The third textbook, whose title is “A Primer in Black-Holes, Mach´s Principle and Gravitational Energy”, captures the imagination of the readers, by applying Einstein´s theory, to the possible existence of hungry black-holes, eating all the matter and light in their neighbourhood. It also explains why the Universe might have been created out of “nothing”, that is, with zero input of total energy. Berman has succeeded in giving a new picture of the Universe, which not only would be expanding, but would also be in a special kind of rotation, called a “Machian” rotation.This was used by Berman recently to explain an otherwise anomalous deacceleration found by NASA scientists when tracking the Pioneer probes, now in the outskirts of the Solar system. If Berman is correct, this Machian rotation implies in a Machian ubiquitous centripetal acceleration, that should be measured by any observer, relative to any “observed”, throughout the Universe.

Berman was able to gather more information, in his relatively short books, than in other competing textbooks, while keeping a low mathematical profile, so that newcomers to the field may learn about these subjects, with a minimum of sophistication. You shall see in those books that the Universe resembles a black-hole (in fact, a white-hole, because it is expanding—not contracting).You may then learn that the acceleration of the Universe, can be predicted from the zero-total energy hypothesis. Dark matter and dark energy, called “dark” because they are not seen as normal matter and normal energy, is also explained in detail. Though each text is self contained, the three of them teach all that is needed for a graduate student to become updated and proficient in that field of expertise. More than that, they penetrate into recently opened avenues of research, not available in other introductory books.

One could wonder how come a researcher working practically isolated from other colleagues, and far from the big centers of scientific production, be able to write, with simple mathematics, about a wealth of physical features.

In the last book, Berman also addresses the long sought Quantum Gravity connection with Classical Physics—a subject which defies the best minds in the world: he calculated afresh that there are quantum pieces of matter, and that there is also associated a minimum quantum of length in Geometry, which he called the “gomidia” and the “somia”---after Professors F.M.Gomide and M.M.Som,---- his former advisors in graduate work.

I am marveled with Berman´s work,---says Brazilian Professor Newton da Costa---who is his friend and former teacher, and is also the most important mathematical logician in Latin America.


Berman says that he found a possible explanation for the Pioneers Anomaly, but according to the spring issue of the New York Academy of Sciences magazine, Berman has in fact “solved” the query.

A couple of weeks ago, two more papers by Berman, in the Journal “Astrophysics and Space Science”, spurred attention, because in them, Berman shows that the Robertson-Walker´s metric, which defines the geometrical properties of the expanding Universe, in Standard Cosmology, includes a hidden rotational state, in addition to its expanding properties.

Asked to comment on this subject, Berman recommends that people take care, and do not become dizzy, after acknowledging about the discovered rotation…

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